LiquorPOS Designed to Optimize Time, Drive Sales and Maximize Profits for Independent Retail Liquor Store Owners Across America

LiquorPOS has been successfully serving independent retail liquor operators for nearly three decades by delivering flexible, reliable and secure point-of-sale solutions. More than 5,000 liquor store operators rely on LiquorPOS to automate routine tasks, allowing them to operate more efficiently, productively and profitably.

Beneath the LiquorPOS user-friendly interface is a robust platform. Packed with customizable features and functions, our solution addresses the unique challenges and opportunities independent liquor store businesses face in today’s competitive market.

LiquorPOS’s hardware-agnostic platform is designed to run on traditional and mobile tablet terminals and integrates with Heartland EMV Payments, Heartland Payroll, Heartland Gift Card and Heartland Gift+Rewards. Liquor POS operates on Windows for many handheld devices.

LiquorPOS is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) or PaaS (Platform as a Service) with hardware.


Increase Sales and Maximize Profits

  • Check product information right at the register: pricing, quantity and deposit information.
  • Scan or swipe customers’ driver’s licenses for instant age verification.
  • Credit card processing integration.
  • Automated and manual discounts for single and grouped items.
  • Process deposits on sales (including kegs) and deposit returns.
  • Whether you’re selling a case, six-pack, 30-pack, single can or bottle, LiquorPOS makes the job simple and keeps your inventory accurate.
  • Easily customize detailed receipts for your unique business requirements.

Customer Management

LiquorPOS can track your sales based on individual customers, customer groups or by zip code – empowering you to increase customer loyalty.

  • Reward excellent customers with frequent buyer discount programs.
  • Elevate customer loyalty with house accounts with specific preferences and billing statements.
  • Track purchase history to clarify trends and focus your sales efforts.
  • Implement bar-coded customer cards for automatic processing of preauthorized discounts.

LiquorPOS Features

  • Time Clock
  • Fast EMV Payments
  • Inventory/Mobile Inventory
  • Reporting
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Label and Shelf Tag Printing
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty and more

Business Analytics

LiquorPOS delivers comprehensive reporting with actionable information.

  • Track sales by item, brand, type, department, distributor or date.
  • Access costs and profit margins in seconds.
  • Track bottle, keg and tap deposits.
  • Document employee sales performance.

Inventory Control Automation

LiquorPOS makes managing your inventory fast and simple.

  • Scan bar codes and manufacturers’ UPC codes to ensure accurate processing.
  • Perpetual inventory automatically updates with each sale and delivery.
  • Easily identify discrepancies to reduce shrinkage.
  • Reorder reports eliminate surprises.

Multi-Layered Security

LiquorPOS provides liquor store owners peace of mind by protecting their business 24 hours a day.

  • Set customized security levels, including restrictions and access for authorized employees.
  • Monitor and track sales by station or clerk.
  • Track voids, edits, deletions and discount time stamps by employee.

Get Started!

To experience the real value LiquorPOS delivers to independent retail liquor store owners like you, contact a Heartland Dealer for a one-on-one demonstration and assessment.


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