From our fast funding options and competitive rates, to our application versatility and innovative breach protection safeguards, learn why Heartland is a smart choice for payment processing.

With over 11 million transactions processed each day and security innovations designed to enhance your profitability and peace of mind, Heartland Rochester NY is proud to be one of the nation’s leading and most trusted credit card and payment processing companies.

  • A US-based Fortune 1,000 firm
  • Over 11 million transactions processed daily
  • Processing over $80 billion in transaction per year
  • Launched the end-to-end encryption system
  • Over 12 million payroll checks processed annually
  • Fast funding with the flexible processing options
  • Heartland Secure, innovative breach warranty
  • US-based customer service representatives
  • Simple, single invoicing for all payments types
  • Expert chargeback assistance for all clients
  • Mobile card readers to accept remote payments
  • Customize your receipts for enhanced branding
  • Fast funding with the flexible processing options
  • Desk 3500 Smart Terminal

  • Direct Processor for Visa, MasterCard, Amex, & Discover

  • Authorization and settlement platforms

  • Fair pricing model for processing and equipment

  • Award-winning 24/7 service and support

  • 3-year pricing guarantee

    • Full Disclosure of all fees and profitability
    • No increase in profit margin during the 3-year term
    • No “junk fees”
    • True pass through pricing – including decreases

For countless businesses, entrepreneurs and professional organizations, website development and eCommerce services go hand-in-hand.  And still, we continue to hear about the nightmares experienced by many when setting up their website to accept credit cards and online payments.  There are several reasons for this, though one really stands out: online payment processing companies, understandably, don’t fully grasp the complexity of today’s web technology, algorithms, etc.  They’re in the payment processing business… not the website design business.

CMS Max has witnessed this first-hand over the years, and is excited to announce that we’re now fully-integrated with Heartland Payment Systems, one of the industry’s leading and most secure firms.  This allows clients to add high-level online payment and credit card processing to their website directly at the time of development.

Heartland Credit Card Processing Rochester NY

No Downtime, Less Problems & Zero Middle-man Fees

Not only does our new integration completely eliminate the need to research, contact and seek out someone to process your online transactions once the new website goes live, it also prevents any downtime and lost sales that typically occur when the features are not available immediately.

Here are few additional reasons to partner with CMS Max for eCommerce website development with integrated online credit card processing from Heartland Payment Systems.

  • Heartland Payment Systems is a Fortune 1,000 company that processes over 11 million transactions per day, with an impeccable record of security and client satisfaction
  • We offer customized ecommerce options, uniquely tailored to those looking to accept a wide range of online payments, including credit, debit, PayPal, e-check and more
  • Our services feature Heartland Secure Technology, an advanced credit card security solution designed to counter the sophisticated methods of cyber criminals
  • Transactions are protected by the most aggressive breach warranty in the payment processing industry, offering protection from the moment a card is used
  • EMV, E3 end-to-end encryption technology and tokenization to effectively eliminate clear-text data from both your network and Point of Sale POS system
  • Your ecommerce website can be configured in virtually any manner desired, with custom layouts, one-touch ordering, videos, inventory management and more

Learn More About the Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

Whether you’re just starting up or an existing business looking for a stronger online presence with more streamlined payment options, online security, payment acceptance and advanced eCommerce functionality.

We’re proud to be regarded as one of the most respected and well-reviewed credit card processors in the nation, out of Rochester NY, and can help you better understand all of the options best suited for your company and industry.

To learn more about how Heartland NY can help improve the way your organization accepts payments, markets to new customers, or manages its HR responsibilities, get in touch by calling 585-348-8127 to get started.

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