1. Fill out eCommerce secure submit application on atlas
  2. Fill out the Heartland eCommerce Payment Gateway Form and email it to Heartland eCommerce department.
  3. Your Heartland client will then get an email from Heartland to log into here https://heartlandus.transactiongateway.com
  4. Other Services >> QuickBooks then download QuickBooks SyncPay
  5. Find and Install the plugin you just downloaded. Make sure QuickBooks is closed to install.
  6. Once installed, open QuickBooks and you will see this popup. Allow all.

  7. Next you need to go to Customers >> Payment Gateway Plug-In >> Configuration
  8. Then you need to use the same user/pw you used https://heartlandus.transactiongateway.com on in the configuration area


  • Network Merchants Inc. (NMI) QuickBooks™ SyncPay Plug-In Demo

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